Non-Member Subcontractor / Supplier Registration

As a non-member of the Builders Exchange of Rochester, you do not have a UserID / Password created for you.
You may access Private Projects, but you will need to register with the BER staff.
Simply call 507-282-6531 and we will go over it with you on the phone.

You may also email or fax (507-282-6351) the following data: Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Email, Address,
City/State/Zip, Company Phone/Fax, Type of Business, Year Established, Website, Company Email,
as well as what you would like as a UserID and Password.
If you email or fax the data over, we will send an email to the contact letting them know the account has been set up.

When your account is ready, simply login using your UserID/Password.
Once logged in, enter the projectís KeyCode into the appropriate box. You will now have access to that project.